It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these! So, let’s get things started.

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T W O // I won a giveaway from Cinsarah’s blog for The Glitter Revival shop! If you’re curious as to what I picked out with my credit I ordered this (for miss H) and this (for me). I’m excited for my lovely jewels to arrive!

T H R E E // This month’s prenatal checkup was on Tuesday. Baby’s heart rate is perfect and momma’s blood pressure is normal so things seem to be moving right along! I listened to baby M’s heartbeat and I will admit, I always have a sense of relief and joy when I hear that little heart beating. I think pregnancy the second time around is a bit more nerve wracking. You’re more aware of all the things going on and the “what if’s”. What do you guys think?

F O U R // I am wanting to paint both the nursery and H’s new big girl room the same colour. Because why buy two pails of paint and only use half of each is my logic, you hear me? I’m thinking a light grey/blue or minty green. This is what I’ve found on Pinterest that I like:

h room 2 SOURCE: Lay Baby Lay 


h room
SOURCE: unknown.

F I V E // I jump on bandwagons very very late. I don’t get wrapped up in the hype of new trends. When Nate and I go shopping I probably say “yep, that’s just marketing” a dozen times. Why are name brand products placed eye level and the no name products placed higher up or below? Marketing. Why is “Frozen” the greatest Disney movie since “Peter Pan”? Marketing. Anyways- all of this to say that Nate and I are trying to turn our family more ‘natural’. I switched our household cleaners to a plant based brand and I WILL say that I have never seen my tub so shiny. I’ve quit using Chapstick (sounds lame but it was a serious addiction, so give me some credit!).  We are now in the process of researching cloth diapers and natural baby products. Holy smokes- now if you want to talk about marketing you need to go for a spin in the baby product world! There’s so many gadgets ready to take your money. If you have some ideas of natural baby products that have worked for your little one, please let me know!

Have a great weekend everyone!


I feel like I’m about to open up a can of worms.

When I was pregnant with H we contemplated cloth diapering but in the end decided against it. Now that another baby is on the way, I’ve put it back as a diaper contender. I’ve also looked in to the Honest diaper brand (biodegradable & chemical free).

The thing is, I just can’t make up my mind! I’m doing a lot of research as to what cloth diapering all entails, and I’m not 100% sold. But, after using disposables I’m not 100% sold on those either.

Let me give you some facts for you to ponder.

1. One big box of disposable diapers lasts H one month. That is $30/month when bought on sale. Which is $360/year. If she’s potty trained by age 2 (and we are hoping earlier, just sayin’) that is $720/lifetime.

2. From what I’ve read, cloth diapering is comparable to that price if you buy new products. But, then you need to factor in the cost of detergent and water to clean these diapers. BUT, you can use cloth diapers for your next child (if you have one).

3. Then of course there are all of the environmental and chemical arguments that you will come across.

Here’s my opinion (even though I’m undecided on the whole thing):
Whatever we choose, we will use that method and only that method. I am not buying cloth diapers if I will need to buy disposables for overnight, road trips, going to grandma’s house, etc. I feel that that just defeats the purpose and adds to expenses. The “extra work” or “mess” does not phase me. But, I need to know how to cloth diaper, that’s the thing.

So, I’m asking YOU to give me your opinion and any experience that you have! How do you cloth diaper when you’re travelling or at the grocery store and need to do a change immediately and not when you get home? Why did you decide to stick with disposables? Have you ever tried the Honest brand of disposable diapers?

Comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail, I seriously would love some positive and honest feedback!


Shopping for a high chair is like shopping for a car.

There are so many choices! High chairs come on wheels, can recline, and are multi- functioning.

Nate and I try to get the most bang for our buck. When we shopped for H’s car seat we wanted to invest in one that would take us through all of her developmental stages. The same concept applied when we were looking at cribs before she was born.

So, when I found out about Ingenuity™ and their Trio 3-in-1 Deluxe High Chair™ I was thrilled.  It converts from a high chair to a toddler chair and can also become a booster seat! We received the Marlo™ fashion, which is great for us in case this next baby is a boy. It is aesthetically appealing and gender neutral. I love that it can grow with our family and is so functional, we can take the booster seat with us to Grama’s or the restaurant. The chair’s reclining seat, cup holder, and removable tray insert are bonuses, too!

Here are some pictures of Hannah enjoying a little snack in her high chair.

ingenuity trio 3-in-1 high chair review, high chair reviews,

And here she is in the toddler chair. I think she liked this the best. She was smiling and felt like such a big girl!


And here is the little darling in the booster seat, organizing her grapes (of course).


So what are my most liked things about the Trio 3-in-1 Deluxe High Chair™? It has wheels. I’m a clean freak and sweep and mop the dining room floor after every meal. Hannah loves dropping food on the floor for the dog to eat. Being able to push the chair around with one hand makes things so much easier. I’m not lugging an awkward chair from one place to the next. It has a removable seat cover. Okay, also playing into my love for all things clean. The cover is so easy to remove and put back on, it’s as easy as a slip cover. Perfect for those really messy meals, a.k.a spaghetti and meat sauce. The booster seat straps have a storage place under the seat. It’s amazing how when you become a parent a little thing like this makes you so excited. When you’re not using the booster seat the straps that stabilize it to a chair retract into their own storage place. Genius. Hannah once tripped and fell because a booster seat was on the floor and it’s straps were all willy nilly. Not anymore!


I hope this helps some of you figure out what to look for when you’re shopping for a high chair! You can find the Ingenuity™ Trio 3-in-1 Deluxe High Chair™ at Toys “R” Us, Wal-Mart, Target, and more.

I received this product complimentary from Kids II® (the parent company of great brands such as Ingenuity, Bright Stars, Comfort & Harmony, and Baby Einstein). All opinions and views are my own. 








Mar 25, 2014

Oh wow, I almost forgot how to log into my WordPress account. Yikes!

I thought I should let y’all know that I AM STILL ALIVE! I know you’ve had your doubts over the past well, two months?

Let me give you an update on what’s being going on as of late…

1 // I’M PREGNANT! Nate and I are expecting baby #2 in the middle of September. That day couldn’t come soon enough, let me tell you. I would do labor & delivery five times if it meant I could skip the nine months leading up to it. Don’t get me wrong- I am oh so thankful for this healthy pregnancy and little baby that is a part of our family. But oh the things I would do for an appetite. A couple of weeks ago Nate asked me what I wanted for lunch and I just started crying. I was hungry but didn’t want to eat ANYTHING. Nausea can do that to you.

2 // I’m back in school! I’m taking an English class towards my B.A. that I started oh, five years ago. I’m just over half way done my degree and at the rate I’m going it may take me another five years, but that’s okay. Being a wife and mother is far more rewarding than a piece of paper that cost $50 0000. You can’t put a price or timeline on family.

3 // I’m back to work! I’m working as a substitute EA for the school division. It allows great flexibility and I’m so thankful Nate’s mom can generally watch Hannah any one day of the week. Plus, Nate can watch her on his weekdays off too. So, so far we are still avoiding daycare! I try to only take on two days a week maximum.

And now for an update on what you can expect for Here is Motherhood…

When I first started this blog I wrote four posts a week for three months. That was before I was pregnant, working, or in school. I got to a point in the New Year where I was burnt out and needed a break. Apparently, I needed a really long break! I want to keep this blog going, but it absolutely can not consume as much of my time.

Posts may occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly. I really don’t know what kind of schedule is ahead but I DO want to keep writing for you all. I enjoy it. I still have a two page list of all of these topics that have been brewing in my head.

Posts may not be as flashy with graphics as they used to be. This is the most time consuming part of blogging. Well, that and promoting via social media. This is why you can get a job these days as a Virtual Assistant who does all of these things for big time bloggers! But hey, I’m not big time so I do it all myself. Designing a catchy graphic for your post can take just as long, if not longer, than actually writing your post. Any bloggers out there feel me? Anyway, please don’t get mad if there’s only words on your screen and not a trendy looking graphic. Thank you and bless your heart.

I really just wanted to touch base with my readers who are still around. I have not abandoned you! I hope you continue to check up on this little blog of mine.